Donation Reasons

Fedyah (Missed days of fasting. $7/day/person)

For those who find it hard to fast for medical, age or other reasons, they pay $7/day which is a cost of a meal for one person.

Zakat Alfitr ($13/person)

This is for Zakat AlFitr. Multiply $13 by number of your family members (even little kids or babies) to e the total amount of Zakat Alfitr

Boys Scouting

Family Summer Retreat June 7th-9th at Blue Ridge Mountains ($80/person)

This is for Family and Youth retreat at YMCA facility at Blue Ridge Mountains from June 7th-9th. Add names and ages of attendees to the Notes section

Relief/Humanitarian Organizations

SA. This money will goto support brothers and sisters suffering at Syria

Masjid Operations

Masjid Construction

Quran School

Preschool (9 am - 1pm)

Preschool (9am - 3pm)

Poor and Needy