ALNOOR Fundraiser

Please donate to support the masjid grow.

Sunday School fees. Sunday School Year or equal monthly auto payments.

Iqraa Program. $200/Semester or equal monthly auto payments

MASQI PreK & Track-out Progam

Payments made for MASQI PreK & Track-out progams

ALNOOR Juniors Committee

Donations/Program payments for Juniors committee activities including Juniors Jumaa, self-defense, sports, and robotics.

ALNOOR Women’s Committee

Donations made towards activities within the women’s committee.

ALNOOR Youth Committee

These funds are directed towards all the activities, events and program for the youth.

Construction/Masjid Expansion

Masjid Loan Repayment

Money directed to pay the loan obtained to acquire the facility

Masjid Operation

Money directed to cover Masjid operation expenses


Donations directed to Poor and Needy

Zakat Al-Maal

Pay your Zakat Al-Maal here.

Food Pantry

Donations directed to the food pantry program.

EID Carnival Sponsors and Vendors Registration Fees