Udhiyah / Qurbani $250 per share to Muslim Needy in Syria

Sponsor a $250 gift for boys attending the Maghrib prayers for 40 consecutive days

Summer Program

Summer Program

Zakat Al-Maal

Masjid Loan Repayment

This is to pay back the debt used to finalize the construction of Phase I

Adopt an Orphan ($60/month)

They have 4000 orphans needs sponsorship. The monthly cost is $60 per kid covering 7 programs, food, shelter, clothes, education, psychological care and mother awareness . No admin fees deduction

Masjid Operations

Masjid Construction

Quran Program

MASQI (9 am - 1pm)

MASQI (9am - 3pm)

Poor and Needy

MASQI (9am - 1pm)

Youth Qur’an