Musalla Sponsorship
$1200 per musallah ($100 every month)
Registration End Date 25 October 2021
Start Date 25 October 2019
End Date 25 October 2021

On behalf of the North Austin Muslim Community Center, we would like to congratulate our community at the start of the construction of our new masjid addition. Please donate generously in building house of Allah (SWT) by taking sponsorship on behalf of your family members. You can also opt in to donate for individual items or areas such as mimbar, wudu area, floors, security system etc., Please contact or 512-791-7148 to make payment for the masjid construction or if you have any questions. Please pass this message to other community members and help reach our goal. May Allah accept your donation and give you best in this world and in akhirah. 

Ticket Types
# Ticket Title Ticket Price Quantity
1 Musalla Sponsorship 100.0
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